{DangerDoes} Designs


I’ve started a tiny art business lately. No big.
But really–here’s how that process went:
[pan to black screen, small words come up & you start to read–this story is a true story. It is based on the five month journey of Danger & how she decided to design things. No one’s name has been changed to protect identities & if the persons in this story resembles someone it’s because everyone mentioned is real so if there are similarities to real people it’s because they really exist. Artsy transition.] 

November 2014- Decide to think about making an online art shop.

December 2014-Build it. Create logo. Create art. Take photos. Arrange website, purchase name, & put items up for sale.

January 2015-Make it live & online. IT’S OFFICIAL. oh.my.

February 2015-Share it with people I know other than my mom. (i.e. friends, family, strangers, the world…etc)

March 19,2015- Finally get around to putting it up on here.

[Artsy and deep ending where we all feel warm & cuddly & have learned an important lesson about life and learning and art. We all feel inspired as we leave the movie theater & ponder what we are doing with our lives. Then we go eat some pizza & go finish our homework because it’s due tomorrow. Pan to black screen. The End]

It’s been a five month process, but it’s been so encouraging to get to do something I’m passionate about & I love it SO much.

So, now I’ve shared with you guys on my blog–another place I love.

DangerDoesDesigns is also on Instagram @dangerdoesdesigns. So there’s that–do with it what you must. With great knowledge comes great responsibility so remember that when you actually learn something more important than my design’s Instagram name.

Thanks for being here & for sharing in new things again.