{DangerDoes} song;dance

I’ll faintly hear it and suddenly ache
my tshirt accented in tears over what was imagined with you
It’s broken and my heart lies cold
in an out of body experience where the feeling that I can’t ever be enough
is continually pumping and pushing blood through my veins.
I’ll never be ideal
The one you want The one you need The one you’d choose
I think of the maybes then the needle drops and the record plays and it reminds me that notes and beats and poetic Shakespearean words turned lies that led me astray,

looking into your eyes as you were already looking away

Distracted and disappointed by time and freedom and unaware of the muchness of feeling and the mountain of my fear
You walked away before the start.
You missed our song, you missed the dance,
you missed our chance.
no song ; no dance.



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